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RiteLite Quadpod K10 LED Mobile Lighting Tower

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The Quad Pod is a high power mobile outdoor floodlighting solution specifically designed for Construction, Hire, Rail, Utilities and Outdoor Events. Unique stand alone LED options can be used anywhere. Flicker free, instant light, reliable and maintenance free.


  • Total of 12000 lumens!
  • Intergrated 1.6M tripod system
  • Optional 3m tripod with adjustable legs for uneven ground
  • The K10 LED uses the latest technology high power LED’s to produce a crisp white light ideal for use in any working environment.
  • Bespoke lens array coupled with a variable focusing system to efficiently harness and project light.
  • Market leading LED driver system to ensure maximum power efficiency
  • Head can be mounted on an optional tripod for increased height and operated via bluetooth from a mobile phone.
  • Unique Triple Head Design with full 360º Light Projection
  • Lightweight Lithium battery option for increased portability, especially advantageous for use in difficult terrains e.g. mountain areas, or in emergency situations. Offers the same performance with a significant weight saving for ease of deployment over longer distances in extreme situations.
  • The in-built fast 12-24v DC mobile charger means you can keep your K10 fully charged and ready for use even on the move and in between tasks.
  • Includes 230v charger
  • Triple heads with individual adjustment allow the light to be projected exactly how you require depending on each working situation.
  • From directional to full 360° area lighting with spot or lood beam (or a combination).
  • Fully adjustable to always provide the optimum lighting solution.
  • Dimensions: 390mm x 195mm x 255mm
  • Made in the UK
  • Weight 11.5kg
Product code L3593F

About RiteLite

Based in the UK, Ritelite (systems) Ltd is a Global Market Leader for Professional & Industrial Portable Lighting Products. Continued design, development and product innovation lead by customer requirements ensures Ritelite (Systems) Ltd and the products it manufacturers are at the forefront of its chosen market segments.

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