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The Best Pump Brands Available in New Zealand

The Best Pump Brands Available in New Zealand

Riequip distributes some of the best-selling products from the most world-famous manufacturers in New Zealand.
Are you searching for information about water pumps or other pumps online? In this article, we discuss some of the best pump brands that we stock here at Riequip NZ, and give you an overview of the different types of pumps available from each manufacturer.
These include standard water pumps for water transfer, sludge pumps for muddy water containing sand & sludge, high-pressure pumps to service long distance watering needs, semi-trash and trash pumps for water carrying solid particles, and pumps that drain chemicals, diesel or bitumen.
Continue reading to compare world-famous brands and find the best pump for your


Honda Pumps

All Honda pumps carry the famous Honda GX commercial-type engines, which allow quick starting and quiet operation. Riequip provides a two-year warranty, plus a five-year electronic coil warranty, for all Honda pumps.
All GX engines are four-stroke and deliver excellent performance. They also offer easy starting and well-calculated fuel efficiency. Honda's GX series four-stroke series has proven to be the world’s most reliable small engine, even in the most demanding conditions.
General usage water pumps
Honda water pumps NZ cover a wide range of applications. There are pumps for home, farm, drainage and general use. Their compact and portable WX type pumps offer solutions for any job.
Honda also offers general-purpose WB series pumps for all kinds of de-watering applications. They have carbon ceramic seals and a cast iron volute and impeller, making them reliable for various challenges.
Special application pumps
The Vibe-tech Porta Pump 32mm unit for the easiest de-watering of post holes ever. It has a four-stroke engine, yet it produces less noise than a two-stroke engine and is a very cheap and reliable pump. It comes with a 32mm outlet, with a maximum capacity of 120 lt/min.
This is the best solution for pumping out post holes and footings. Then there’s the Flexi-drive pumps powered by the life-lasting Honda GX four-stroke engine, a pump type handy for contractors for drainage and de-watering. A default installation of dynapac coupling connects the 7m Flexi-drive shaft to the engine unit to reach the most unimaginative flooded areas. Each model has a massive 21m head.
There are also the Honda trash pumps, which are heavy-duty machines, with 2, 3 or 4 inch outlets and a remarkable upper limit of 2000lt/min. They can handle up to 30mm solids and come in a heavy-duty roll frame to stabilise while operating.
The trash pumps have heavy duty pump internals for pumping dirty water containing solids and up to 6lt fuel tanks to ensure autonomous operation for hours.
Specific purpose Honda products, for example, 2 inch and 3 inch honey pumps and petrol-powered pumps for pumping bitumen, are also within Riequip’s inventory.


Titan Pumps

All Titan pumps distributed by Riequip come with industrial engines, mechanical decompressors, an electronic coil, an industrial governor system, dual element air cleaner, and cast-iron cylinder liners.
They have a full one-year body warranty and a four-year warranty for the electric coil.
General usage water pumps
Titan's water pumps come with 1 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch outlets. These pumps are ideal for all de-watering purposes, calf milk transfer, water tank filling and flood irrigation.
Their engines range from 2.5HP for the 1 inch model to 16HP for the 3 inch pump Fireboss. They have four-stroke engines, low noise, and are easy to start. These water pumps from Titan come in heavy-duty roll frames to minimize vibrations and ensure stability in operation.
Special application pumps
The range of Titan pumps at Riequip includes the well-known heavy artillery trash pump, with a 9HP four-stroke engine that drains dirty liquids and solids up to 25mm. This pump is suitable for all drainage applications, such as pumping effluent or stormwater containing sand or stones. It can pump liquid fertilizers or other thick liquids containing solids.


Reid Pumps

Reid submersible pumps are semi-vortex drainage pumps with rubber impellers. The pumps come with or without a float switch. They can drain clean water and sandy water with up to 25mm floating solids.
Riequip NZ offers three different models of submersible pumps by Reid: the Drainvac 400 with a 2 inch outlet and 220L/min flow, the Drainvac 750 with a 2 inch outlet and 350Lmin flow, the Drainvac 750-3 with a 3 inch outlet and 420L/min flow.
All Reid submersibles carry a unique feature that excels them: the pump shaft has an agitator impeller. This feature helps the air flow throughout the operation, preventing air-locks. It also allows all solid materials to pass the drain shaft without sticking anywhere, so that the drainage procedure does not get interrupted.
All pumps come with built-in thermal protectors and can be submerged up to 8m. The Reid pumps available at Riequip come with a male camlock fitted for easy use straight out of the box.


Yanmar Pumps

Yanmar is a large company with a tradition in technological innovation. In the water pumping field, it has many years of experience and offers a wide range of products. The Yanmar pumps follow all Japanese quality and efficiency standards, ensuring that their job will finish as quickly and effectively as possible.
General usage water pumps
Riequip’s Yanmar collection covers all water drainage needs. Clean water pumps in various port sizes are available. These are hard-working machines with adequate fuel tanks to offer maximum autonomy. You can find 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch outlet pumps, with highly efficient diesel, direct injection engines. Their maximum capacity is 1800lt/min and their tanks are big enough to ensure hours of autonomy.
Special application pumps
The collection includes semi-trash and trash pumps that can suck solid items of up to 30mm. Their fuel tanks allow adequate autonomy and operational efficiency. Some models are available with an electric start option.
The manufacturer provides drainage options with two Flexi-drive models, apart from the trash pumps. The 2 inch and 3 inch Flexi-drive pumps, like the ones produced by Honda, have 7m flexi drive shafts to make de-watering a breeze. The genuine Yanmar diesel engine with an electric start ensures continuous operation, and the solid roll frame that it comes built-in with secures it.
For the tough job of diesel transfer, Yanmar also has you covered. The diesel transfer pumps come with 2 inch and 3 inch port outlets and offer meagre fuel consumption of 1lt/hr, while their capacity reaches a maximum of 1060lt/min. These models are also available with an electric start upon request, for an easy start option.


Anderson Pumps

The company provides a wide variety of diesel powered pumps for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.
Special application pumps
The Anderson machinery has proven to perform effectively in all industrial applications. The engine uses a direct injection system, and their large fuel tanks ensure long run times.
The Anderson pumps are popular for irrigation and pumping water uphill to water tanks. Large fuel tanks and efficient engines ensure an economical operation.


Fireboss Pumps

Firefighting is a life-saving issue, and its importance is indisputable. The Fireboss pumps are rugged and dependable machines able to assist with firefighting, irrigation schemes, water sprinklers, washdowns and the hard job of pumping water uphill.
Titan Fireboss pumps
Titan Fireboss pumps guarantee class-leading performance, high reliability, and the capability to withstand unstable operational conditions. We stock the Titan-powered 1½, 2 and 3 inch pumps, with genuine four-stroke engines, while some are also available with electric start.
They are self-priming, brought to us in heavy-duty roll frames for the best optional operation.
Anderson Fireboss pumps
Our Anderson Fireboss pumps include three electric start models with 1½, 2 and 3 inch ports, massive fuel tanks of up to 12.5lt, and extremely good consumptions of 1lt/hour in a 75% load.
Thanks to the efficient combustion system, the Anderson diesel engine starts quickly and easily, and keeps running smoothly for hours, and produces the lowest possible noise. You don't have to worry about the battery since the motor has a charge coil that charges it as the pump runs!
Yanmar Fireboss pumps
Two of the best Yanmar diesel-powered models are included in Riequip's catalogue. The twin-impeller has an electric start engine (battery included), wearing a 1-½ inch port and a maximum 90m head. It allows 300lt/min and carries a 12.5lt fuel tank while consuming 1.25lt/hour in a 75% load.
The second Yanmar powered model is the 3 inch high-pressure, electric start Fireboss pump. It has a 65m head and a maximum capacity of 860lt/min.
Honda Fireboss pumps
Last but not least, the Honda-powered Fireboss pumps. The Fireboss pump series with Honda GX engines offers solutions for high-pressure needs. These lightweight, highly portable pumps can be a life saver when a fire breaks out.
Honda Fireboss pumps are highly recommended for irrigation and firefighting needs. Their high-pressure capability also makes them ideal for long-distance pumping.


Pacer Pumps

The non-corrosive polypropylene pumps, apart from their general water drainage usage, can drain several types of chemicals used in agriculture and industry. These may include liquid
fertilizers, nitrate, and saltwater.
Models fitted with Viton seals can also pump avgas, petrol, diesel, Jet A1 and kerosene.
Riequip offers six models for these purposes. Two are Honda-powered, two are Anderson-powered, and two have Yanmar engines. The ports are 2 and 3 inches and can drain from 750 to 1060 lt/min.


Udor Pumps

When spraying is required, the Honda-powered Udor spray pumps prevail. The Honda GX engine is fitted with the Italian-made Udor spray pumps to create machines that perform with ease for weed or crop spraying, and to pump water to high heads.
The Udor pumps offered by Riequip have 290, 435 or 580 psi maximum pressure ratings and can pump up to 120lt of water per minute. They have chemical resistant diaphragms and can pump up to 200m head max with a 2m maximum suction lift.


About Riequip

We sell some of the best pumps on the market, produced by top-rated companies. All products have warranties, and we ensure a complete spare parts backup. Our many years of experience allow us to have a deep knowledge of our products; therefore, we can advise our customers on every purchase.
Riequip New Zealand offers nationwide free delivery as part of its services. Our customers vary from individuals to contractors, construction companies to farmers, and people in great need due to natural disasters or other emergencies.
All our pumps are tested and fully functional upon arrival, while all our clients benefit from the free service pack we offer. Our after-sales department is here to help you with any problem that might occur down the line. Contact us to see how we can help.
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