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Key things to consider before selecting a Diesel Generator

Key things to consider before selecting a Diesel Generator

A diesel generator brings power to you wherever you are, in the midst of a storm or way off the grid. Diesel generators in New Zealand are great for an emergency power supply, running large machinery and factories or for those working in remote locations. There are a few key questions to ask yourself before you buy a diesel generator, including:

  • What types of diesel generators are for sale in NZ?

  • How do diesel generators operate?

  • Are noise and cost important factors?

We hope to provide thorough answers to these as we take you through all you need to know before selecting a diesel generator.

Types of Diesel Generators

Whether you’re looking for diesel backup generators for home or more substantial industrial diesel generators, there’s an option to suit everyone. Diesel generators for sale come in a range of sizes, models, and designs. The main point of difference offered by a diesel generator for home use, is a smaller size that provides power up to a certain range suitable for residential use, as well as in shops and offices. On the other hand, industrial generators are larger in size and are intended to provide power for long stretches of times to aid in industries where power demand is high, such as on worksites and in factories.

Fuel efficiency and autonomy

It’s important to keep fuel consumption in mind when choosing a diesel generator in NZ. We make it easy for you by providing the respective fuel consumption per hour and per kVA, which also allows you to judge the fuel efficiency in respect to load. 

Control systems and Power management systems

A good power management system optimises your fuel consumption, helping the performance of the diesel generator while considering load demand. You can also see broad range analysis data and display warnings to help you keep on top of your diesel generator efficiency. 


If noise reduction is important to you, usually in cases where a diesel generator is needed at close proximity, then check for noise absorption technology provided in some diesel generator models to minimise noise emissions. 

For ease of handling, some diesel generators for sale are adapted to improve portability. Remove the hassle of transportation with our trailer-mounted diesel generators. 

About Riequip

At Riequip, we enjoy providing New Zealanders with industrial diesel generators and diesel backup generators for home & industry. Our team share an in-depth knowledge backed by many years of professional experience to provide you with all the latest diesel generator technology and expertise.

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