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Honda GX800i Engine

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Built like no other!! Honda's GX series air cooled 4 stroke OHV horizontal shaft engines deliver solid reliable power and performance in a compact, lightweight design with an optimized layout of cylinder, air cleaner, muffler and fuel tank for easy installation into a wide range of equipment. Consistent easy starting thanks to Honda's automatic mechanical decompressor and hot-sparking transistorized ignition.

Fuel Efficient Operation - The EFI (electronic fuel injection) configuration eliminates the carburettor and allows an electronically-controlled fuel injector to deliver the required quantity of fuel, thus offering a number of key features for the new Honda models, including:

  • Fuel efficiency due, in part, to an electronic control system that continuously monitors and adjusts the engine’s air/fuel ratio according to variable operating conditions.
  • Enhanced reliability and less maintenance due to reduced fuel-associated carburettor issues.
  • Improved starting by continuously optimizing the air/fuel mixture.
  • Improved user comfort by eliminating the manual choke and fuel shut-off valve.
  • Twin cylinder GX800i
  • Net power; 18.5kW(24.8hp) @3600rpm
  • Max Net Torque - 54.5 Nm / 5.56 kgfm / 2500rpm
  • 1 1/8" keyed shaft
  • Electric start incl. control box
  • Full pressure lubrication with screw on oil filter
  • Digital CDI ignition system with variable timing
  • Air cooled 4-stroke OHV petrol engine, 90° V-twin design, horizontal shaft
  • Built in rev limiter
  • Fuel consumption approx 6.88L/hour @3600rpm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH); 405x410x438mm
  • Oil Capacity - Without oil filter replacement: 1.6L, With oil filter replacement: 1.8L
  • Cast iron bore
  • No fuel tank
  • Weight 48.2kg

This engine features a compact design including a hemispherical combustion chamber, integrated cylinder and cylinder head and forged steel connecting rods.  Other features that users will appreciate include a digital ignition system, long-life air filter, automotive-style starter motor and a pressurized fuel pump.  All these elements contribute to high efficiency, superior cooling, low noise and vibrations as well as reliable performance.

The Honda iGX engines are the very finest stationery engines being produced by powering construction equipment (concrete saws, ride-on concrete trowels, vibratory rollers, generators, etc.) and lawn and garden equipment (tractors, shredders, etc.). 

Proven Reliability - The iGX800's high capacity pump facilitates consistent oil delivery, and a handy oil alert so there is no risk of running dry and doing damage to the engine. There's a dual cylindrical air filter, and a large diameter air intake on board for superior cooling, perfect when operating over long periods of time.

The result is a long-lasting, high-performing and reliable engine.


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